Welcome to the official Website of Gypsy Circus. Sandra Iannuccilli is the Fashion Designer/ Creator/ Inventor/ Web Designer/ Model and Owner of Gypsy Circus. A unique clothing line registered in Montreal, Quebec since 1999. Les Creations Gypsy Circus was a store in Montreal before the birth of this website. This Website was born in 2004. Summer "Creation On Wheels" developed into a traveling caravan across Canadian landscapes in 2001 by vending GC Clothing at Winnipeg Folk Festival. By 2004, Sandra expanded her tour attending most folk festivals across canada and arrived in Nelson at Shambhala Electronic Music Festival.

All designs displayed on this website are origional patterns which are One-of-A-Kind Creations designed by Sandra Iannuccilli. Gypsy Circus designs are a template from which emanate origional designs that will not be recreated nor duplicated by the designer. Gypsy Circus clothing is available to purchase in My Shop On Line & Etsy.com. Gypsy Circus strives to display her creative works on this web site as visually clear in terms of colors and textures. All clothing creations & Images are owned by Gypsy Circus.

Sandra Iannuccilli is a one woman entrepreneur behind the soul creation of Gypsy Circus who designs all the patterns, sews, assembles and cuts the textiles herself in her studio in the Eastern Townships, Quebec, Canada. Gypsy Circus reserves all rights to refuse any requested order.

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Sandra Iannuccilli
Gypsy Circus

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